Xmlhttp.open Unspecified Error

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I'm getting an "Unspecified Error" using MSXML3.DLL's msxml2.XMLHTTP class form a VB ActiveX EXE app: Dim moHTTP As Object Set moHTTP = CreateObject("msxml2.

Vbscript msxml12.XMLHTTP error handling. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. 1. I use this vbscript code, Unspecified error at line "oXML.Open.

. Unspecified error Source Error:. On Error Resume Next xmlhttp.Open("POST", Error when using Msxml2. Nov 05, 2008 07:22 PM.

timeout property (Internet Explorer) – MSDN – Microsoft – The timeout property may be set only in the time interval between a call to the open method and the first call to the send method. If you set an XMLHttpRequest.

Jan 15, 2012. So there might be a few things wrong here. First start by reading how use XMLHttpRequest.open() because there's a third optional parameter.

javascript – XMLHttpRequest setRequestHeader Error – Stack Overflow – Jun 1, 2011. I was calling this before xmlhttp.open (.);. That was the mistake. Modify the header after you open the request, but before you send it.

Freehglobal Error The IntPtr returned from StringToHGlobalAnsi must be explicitly released using FreeHGlobal or a memory leak results. When you create a Split Button, are you seeing an error like this “error RC2104 : undefined keyword or key name:. This utilizes the WNetGetUniversalName method in MPR.dll. Once implemented, all you have to do is create an instance of the MPR_DotNET_Version class and use the. 179 thoughts on “ Using C# from native C++ with the help of C++/CLI (fixed and enhanced) ” Mar 21, 2007  · What is the easiest wat to get a list of shares on a network computer? NSError error;

Aug 8, 2011. Maybe checking status if readyState != 4 causes the error in IE? Try if (xmlHttp. readyState == 4 && xmlHttp.status == 200).

This proposal extends HTMLMediaElement providing APIs to control playback of protected content. The API supports use cases ranging from simple clear key decryption to high value video (given an appropriate user agent implementation).

The intranet shows news by taking a feed from a URL. In case the URL is down, I would like to display a message indicating that the URL is down instead of crashing the intranet. This is in JScript & ASP.

JS Ajax Unspecified error on new XMLHttpRequest(). Unspecified error on xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();. alert(xmlhttp.responseText); } xmlhttp.open.

Jul 21, 2014. XMLHTTP.6.0") On Error Resume Next oXML.Open "GET", sUrl, False aErr = Array(Err.Number, Err.Description) On Error GoTo 0 If 0 = aErr(0).

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Have you checked the versions of that dll. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/269238. edit: to determine if the xml parser is work you could you host the.

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XmlHttpRequest object is used to make HTTP requests in VBA. HTTP requests can be used to interact with a web service, API or even websites.

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